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  • Crown Dish Society, must have ‘X’ amount of dishes consumed (badge for eat dish)

  • CD Society vote (Rotten Tomato critics vs. customers)

  • Each Society member is verified 

  • Society coordinated dinner events 

  • Restaurant experience rating. 

  • Rank top 10 restaurants of each city

  • Rating for dining experience (need criteria)

  • Top dish pic (marketing campaign)

  • Dish deals / bargain bites (value rating)

  • # of city users

  • User reviews & pictures of dishes 

  • Rotten Tomatoes vs. Critics

  • Critics vs. viewers/users/customers

  • Dishes -user vote total & duration of dish, reset every year (‘?’ Info explanation (how it works)), new guide every year

  • Developers forum -post ideas for open dialogue 

  • Need an advisor list